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Amy Schissel in CLOT Magazine's, 'The Armory Show'

Armory Show, Amy Schissel, Installation view of 'From Here to There', with Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Curated by Jamillah James for the FOCUS Platform

Amy Schissel’s installation and 4 large-scale paintings at Patrick Mikhail Gallery’s booth stand on their beauty, but understanding her interest in mapping contributes valuable depth to these works in traditional media. The paintings, done while in residency at the Joan Mitchell Foundation, seem like interstellar maps, with areas and information connecting across lines and shapes, patterns and designs. She pulls from the notational devices of a digital world to produce a sense of place for the analogue self. Without positioning us anywhere, as some artists working with maps aim to accomplish, she succeeds in making us place ourselves in relationship to it. Our use of digital maps may always tell us where we are but in a vacuum. The relationship of one object to the next, one person to the next, disappears unless we cultivate spaces for connection. Read more here.

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